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Brother (a.k.a. David Bingaman) and The Hayes (a.k.a. Jennie Hayes Kurtz) are siblings hailing from Dallas, Texas. Growing up, Jennie Hayes sang in choir while David practiced Stevie Ray Vaughn licks all day long. Both Jennie Hayes and David fell in love with songwriting in college and began to sing and write together. David moved to Nashville from Fayetteville, AR and Jennie Hayes followed a couple of years later with plans to start a band.

They formed Brother and The Hayes in 2017, releasing 'The Dead End EP'.

When they are not touring Jennie Hayes frequently teaches songwriting programs and mentors young songwriters through the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. David, who is now based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, can often be found climbing up rock faces or hiking for days on end throughout America's national and state park systems.

In 2019 Brother and The Hayes produced and released their debut album, 'Tennessee Nights'.

“It’s a Texas-influenced burrito, stuffed with goodness as organic as the place it comes from."

- Joe Rapolla ~ LocklandSpringsteen




Tennessee Nights

by Brother and The Hayes

The Dead End EP

by Brother and The Hayes
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